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BIOGRAPHY – G. SHAWN MINDEN “A PROFESSIONAL AND CREATIVE CONTRIBUTOR TO THE HAMILTON RENAISSANCE” Born and raised in Hamilton, Shawn Minden first came to prominence as bass player, vocalist and songwriter with Hamilton/Niagara-based hard rock heavy metal band Sven Gali, formed in 1987. The band was signed by BMG Canada and reached gold record status with its debut album Sven Gali in 1992, receiving two Juno nominations in 1993 for Most Promising Group and Hard Rock Album of the Year. Their music video for the single “Under The Influence” received Much Music’s Best Metal Video Award in 1993. Following the release of their second album, InWire in 1995, the band disbanded for a time, and has come together again for reunion tours in 2007-09 and 2017-present. Sven Gali continues to tour nationally and internationally and has been getting tremendous response to its latest releases. Their 2018 single “Kill The Lies” with music video produced and directed by Shawn Minden entered the CBC Top Ten rock charts, reaching No. 4, and has been getting great response and airplay on YouTube and Much Music. The band is scheduled to tour in summer 2019 with other leading hard rock groups including Motley Crue for stadium shows in the Niagara region. Mr. Minden is at work on new songs for Sven Gali’s upcoming album, and since 2005 also tours as bass player with Hamilton’s legendary punk band The Forgotten Rebels (established 1977). Shawn Minden was certified as a CSC cinematographer and had an early career in Toronto as special effects cameraman, director of photography, and feature filmmaker for IMAX films and the Canadian feature Outlander, as well as producing hundreds of award-winning music videos for leading Canadian bands and producing commercial videos for television. His music videos reached regular Top 10 rotation on Much Music, Much More Music, Country Music Television, and MTV, winning awards for best video on Much Music, the East Coast Music Awards, and Country Music Television Awards. Mr. Minden developed a successful career as an entrepreneur and investment and real estate advisor, and was discovered and mentored by business and real estate expert George H. Ross, featured on TV’s “The Apprentice” as Executive VP and Advisor to Donald Trump and the Trump Real Estate Organization in New York. Shawn Minden worked with Mr. Ross and the George and Billie Ross Foundation to raise tens of thousands of dollars to support cancer and other charities. In his capacity as a real estate professional and developer in the Greater Hamilton and Metro Toronto areas, Mr. Minden has teamed up with Mr. Ross to mount professional education events for real estate investors and professionals. Mr. Minden continues to be licensed as a real estate broker in the Greater Hamilton and Metro Toronto areas, with a focus on commercial properties, townhomes, leasing, and real estate investments. Through his holding company, G. Minden Holdings Ltd., based in Hamilton’s Business Park in Stoney Creek, of which he is founder and CEO, Mr. Minden continues to grow his real estate development and investment business, focusing on innovative new construction projects revitalizing Hamilton’s inner city and downtown neighborhoods. Mr. Minden was responsible for the creation of the critically acclaimed and well designed Corktown Townhomes and Beasley Park Townhomes and other new residential and commercial projects that are contributing to the renewal and growth of formerly neglected neighborhoods and revitalizing Hamilton’s downtown life, culture and economy. He is licensed as a registered builder with Tarion. Mr. Minden has attracted considerable media attention for these innovative projects and for his real estate development expertise. His business portfolio focuses on innovative and diversified commercial and residential real estate management and development. As part of his personal development and adult education, Mr. Minden pursued genealogical and DNA ancestry research showing that he has Russian Jewish ancestry and is a direct descendant of the illustrious Hamiltonian, Harry Minden (1900-1993), a well known Hamilton jeweler, philanthropist, and real estate and business magnate. Harry Minden Jewelry was renowned in the King/James downtown neighborhood and was one of the first merchants to occupy Centre Mall (Greater Hamilton Shopping Centre) when it opened in 1955. As well, Harry Minden and the Minden family were well known for businesses and ownership of key heritage commercial buildings in Hamilton at 20 King Street West and 24 King Street East near James Street and Gore Park, which are currently under redevelopment. Shawn Minden has embraced the elegance, heritage and culture of his familial and genealogical roots and remains active in the Hamilton downtown business and arts communities, a creative contributor to the Hamilton Renaissance, and active in community philanthropic and charitable initiatives. He is an avid photographer and international traveler and accomplished amateur painter, married with two young sons, resident of Hamilton’s historic Kirkendall neighborhood. As a tribute to his ancestry and to celebrate the elegance and Hamiltonian legacy of the late Harry Minden, Shawn Minden is pleased to launch a new business initiative, H.G. Minden Jewellery Ltd., in the Hamilton marketplace. Consistent with the creativity, innovation and energy he has shown throughout his career, Shawn Minden’s latest initiative, H.G. Minden Jewellery Ltd., builds on his talents and multi-disciplinary expertise and passion for learning and ongoing skills development in ways that are characteristic of Hamilton’s historic heritage, elegance, metallurgy and creative renaissance and ingenuity. What began as a personal hobby of rebuilding and refurbishing antique luxury watches, such as Rolex and Patek Phillippe, and designing and executing new jewelry designs in precious metals has now become a new business in the Hamilton marketplace! Mr. Minden first built a mini smelter at his living room desk to forge and create precious metal parts and jewelry! He is compleating his GIA with the Gemologists’ Institute of Canada with expertise in evaluating diamonds and precious stones, and has taken professional courses in metallurgy and jewelry design and execution in precious metals. Mr. Minden looks forward to every success in this new initiative and is available for consultation in creating new and original custom jewelry designs.

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